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Maudie Jane Ballard Norton
Things My Children Never Knew

A handmade quilt
a water well
long brown braids
a sandstone with pretty colors inside
a dipper
an outside shower
a porch swing
a watermelon patch
a fan with a picture of Jesus
lye soap
a peddler
Joe Rumore
a sewing machine you worked with your feet
an old black kettle
a smoke house
a storm shelter
a wash board
a new wringer washing machine
a churn
many dogs named “Buck”
Nell & Bell ... Kate & Ater
a sun bonnet
homemade ice cream on a Sunday afternoon
black eyed peas
banana puddin’
fried squirrel
blackberry bushes
pickn’ cotton
wringing a chicken’s neck
dirt roads
feather beds
a spring behind a church
a party line
“What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
and you.

-Dianna Lane Carroll
copyright 2001
Daddy Will's Page
See the quilt made for Maudie Jane Ballard's father, Thomas Winston Ballard.
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